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Planet Jr Seeders and Vegetable Equipment



​Planet Jr Seeders Model 300's (Two new ones for sale)

​​​​                      The BEST WAY​ to Contact Me is by E-Mail:

​I am an older guy, approaching age 70 and pretty new to this internet advertising and sales process.  If you decide to try to contact me by e-mail, I ask you to please include in your note how you found this site - Google, Yahoo, Club Cobra, Craigslist or which ever other means you came up with my e-mail address and found it interesting enough to try to make contact with me.

​I normally check my e-mail daily.  I currently am down to selling the myriad of vegetable farming equipment that I inherited from my father and which has been stored in a barn ever since his passing.  

​When you send me an e-mail, please give me your phone number(s) and the best time to call.  Please also include all of your e-mail addresses that you want me to respond back to.  I am a semi-retired farmer and spend a lot of time on farm equipment and I do not carry a cell phone as you can't feel it vibrate or hear it ring when the John Deere's diesel engine is running.  I have a hard-line home phone, but it doesn't have a texting ability.  I also do not have any sort of IPOD or Smart Phone.  Sorry about that, but the APPS thing is very confusing to me and at my age, I'm really not interested in learning how to use the very small, super complicated things.

​AGAIN, THE BEST MEANS TO CONTACT ME IS BY E-MAIL:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             ​

​Planet Jr Seeders Model 300A's (Two totally refurbished for sale)

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